Does Your Lipstick Have Hidden Compartments?

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If you hoard makeup, sometimes you forget what you actually own. One time I saw a lipstick that I wanted at Sephora, so I obviously bought it. A few months later, I was going through my makeup collection, and I realized that I actually already own it. Whoops! Hey, it happens. I guess I need to raid my lipstick drawer more often. Especially after learning about an awesome hidden compartment that is on some of the lipsticks that I own. This discovery is beyond exciting, and it has blown so many people’s minds. Take a look at the lipstick that has a secret compartment. After today, it will not be a secret anymore!


Whether you buy expensive or cheap lipstick, you must have at least one lipstick from e.l.f cosmetics.


e.l.f Cosmetics

e.l.f makeup products are reasonably priced, and they are actually pretty good, too!

e.l.f Cosmetics
 Pretty Colors

Look at how cute this color is. So pretty and affordable. This lipstick costs only $3.00. Awesome!



Great prices and beautiful colors!

Closer Look

Pay attention to the bottom of the lipstick. Guess what it is.


The Secret 

At the bottom of the lipstick, this little pot pops off to reveal more lipstick! What a surprise.



I’m actually still so stunned. How did I not know this?


Matte Lip Color

Here is another great product from e.l.f cosmetics. What do you think is in this hidden compartment?



e.l.f cosmetics is back at it again with the surprises! This product comes with a sharpener.


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